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Mama Deluxe Care Kit
Mama Deluxe Care Kit
Mama Deluxe Care Kit
Mama Deluxe Care Kit
Mama Deluxe Care Kit
Mama Deluxe Care Kit
Mama Deluxe Care Kit
Mama Deluxe Care Kit
Mama Deluxe Care Kit
Mama Deluxe Care Kit
Mama Deluxe Care Kit
Mama Deluxe Care Kit
Mama Deluxe Care Kit
Mama Deluxe Care Kit
Mama Deluxe Care Kit
Mama Deluxe Care Kit Mama Deluxe Care Kit Mama Deluxe Care Kit Mama Deluxe Care Kit Mama Deluxe Care Kit Mama Deluxe Care Kit Mama Deluxe Care Kit Mama Deluxe Care Kit Mama Deluxe Care Kit Mama Deluxe Care Kit Mama Deluxe Care Kit Mama Deluxe Care Kit Mama Deluxe Care Kit Mama Deluxe Care Kit Mama Deluxe Care Kit

Mama Deluxe Care Kit

Mama Deluxe Care Kit

Recommended For - Vaginal Delivery & Breastfeeding 
Our After Birth Care kits were created to make it easier for new Mums to put the needs of themselves and their bodies first, starting with their postpartum care. Offering a thoughtful collection of natural, high quality and impactful products for Mama's recovery as well as to make her feel extra special.
The deluxe care kit has been designed for woman who have had a vaginal delivery and are planning on breastfeeding and/or pumping.
All products are natural and will give you peace of mind about what you're putting on your body.


We endeavor to have all pre-orders sent within 10 business days

What's Inside - 

  • Post ParTEA - Facing Motherhood
  • Peri Cleansing bottle
  • Reusable Cooling Perineum strip with five disposable sleeves by BodyIce Woman
  • Additional pack of 5 disposable sleeves for BodyIce Woman perineum strip
  • Disposable Partum Panties (10 total) (Please let us know which size you require at checkout ) - See sizing below
  • Nursing Balm 50g - The Physic Garden
  • Reusable Cooling Breast Pads by BodyIce Woman
  • Lactation Biscuits by Franjos Kitchen
  • 6 sets Reusable Nursing Pads 
  • Leave in Hair Conditioner by Moogoo
  • Milk Udder Moisturiser by Moogoo

POST PARTEA - Facing Motherhood

Got downtown swelling? Sitz ya bits in this soothing tea bath by Facing Motherhood. After-birth muscle n’ skin aches & pain – BE GONE! Smells just like you’re at a fancy schmancy day spa.

If you have no time for a bath, fill the cleansing bottle provided with water and use 1-3 teaspoons of the Post ParTEA to drizzle down below to help soothe those aches and pains. We recommend starting with 1 teaspoon and adding more if you feel okay to do so. 

Ensure you refill the bottle with fresh water and Post ParTea each day.


  • Reduces vaginal swelling
  • Relaxes muscle aches & postpartum pains
  • Soothes the irritation from haemorrhoids
  • Smells amazing (which means you'll smell amazing too!)
  • Natural - Vegan & Tested on Mums


Epsom salt, Pink Himalayan salt, Chamomile flowers, Calendula flowers, Hibiscus flowers & Lavender flowers.


An essential for the care of your perineal area after birth, the cleansing bottle was conveniently designed with soft sides for easy squeezing, and has a special lid, providing a gentle stream.

Fill the bottle with warm water and gently squeeze over the perineum while using the toilet


BodyIce Woman have created heaven in a strip, and a hospital bag must have! This specially designed perineum strip can be used both pre and post childbirth.

The strip is easy to use and comfortable, providing instant cooling and soothing relief to the tender perineal area as well as treating haemorrhoids and symphysis pubis dysfunction.

When heated, this multipurpose strip can be used effectively during the second stage of labour to help reduce the occurrence of perineal trauma. So, it is a hospital bag essential!

The strip comes ready with 5 disposable covers plus an additional 5 covers will be included so you won't need to reuse the same one. 

Instructions included. 


Your comfortable, secure, leak free partum pantie. I know what you are thinking...... it's just like an adult diaper.....BUT, this pantie has the mesh top that is soft and stretches over your wound and includes a heavy duty sanitary pad that absorbs and ensures you can wear confidently without leaking.

Worn in those first few heavy postpartum days - even up to 6 weeks, as they are so comfy! Can be worn over night as a menstrual sanitary pad, replacing the need for two items.

Can also be worn for those little leaks, we as women still get after having a baby - the dreaded urinary incontinence.

No need to go and buy adult diapers, these are designed to fit most sizes, perfect for new mummas.


S-M ~ fits hips 65-95cm

M-L ~ fits hips 75-110cm ( M/L stock is due middle of May 2020)

L-XL ~ fits hips 100-140cm


 NURSING BALM - The Physic Garden

Nursing Balm combines natural oils and herbs, Calendula, Lavender & Blessed Thistle, traditionally used by breastfeeding mums to moisturise dry, cracked nipples. It can also be used by mums-to-be to promote elasticity & moisturise to prepare for breastfeeding in the third trimester. Ideal for Mum and Baby, with gentle, all natural ingredients. 

Shea Butter*, Olive Oil infused with Calendula*, Lavender* & Blessed Thistle*, Apricot Oil (*Certified Organic Ingredient)

Shea Butter - Organic & high in Vitamin E, it moisturises skin & glides on like butter.

Calendula & Blessed Thistle - Naturally anti-bacterial & soothing for skin.

Lavender - Traditionally used to soothe Skin.


BodyICE Woman breast pads have been designed by mums, for mums, to fit comfortably inside your bra and around your nipples to provide relief from soreness associated with breastfeeding, blocked milk ducts and engorgement.

The breast pads have also been cleverly designed to conform around your breast pump and when heated, can help ease the flow of milk and blocked milk ducts.



Nursing pads don't have to be boring or worse itchy!  
Our breastpads by Miss Mae Studio are super soft, breathable and get softer with each wash! 

Inside each nursing pad is 4 layers - a single layer of bamboo terry, a double layer of super absorbent bamboo terry, a layer of waterproof fabric (PUL) and a pretty and fun cotton design on the outer layer. 
Approx 11cm in size or 4.3" wide

We recommend changing your nursing pads frequently to keep your skin healthy and dry.
- Care - 
Simply put your nursing pads in a wash bag with like colours. 
When you receive your order, we recommend that you wash them before use, as they become more absorbent with each wash.
**Patterns will be chosen at random for orders ** 
Please note some patterns may not be shown. 


No more having to buy the largest pair of ‘granny underwear’ you can find for those early days, New Beginnings have developed a one size fits all postnatal underwear that were designed in cooperation with new mothers.

Each pair lasts up to twenty washes, plus they are a comfortable and seamless fit and you won’t need to worry about your pad going anywhere! Hooray!


These biscuits will load you up with essential vitamins, minerals and good fats giving you the energy you need to deal with sleep deprivation, poonamis and the dreaded witching hour. They’re also packed with galactagogues – ingredients that have been used for centuries to support a healthy milk supply. 

Every bite provides a heavenly break from the busyness of mum life, nourishing you with natural superfoods like oats, chia seeds, coconut oil, buckwheat flour and flaxseeds. Our biscuits for your boobs get the vegan mum tick of approval as they don’t contain any dairy or eggs*. We’ve also made sure they’re free from refined sugar, additives and preservatives because only the best will do for our Franjo’s fam.

**See individual product description for ingredients list (varies per flavour)**


MooGoo’s Skin Milk Udder Cream is used in a number of hospitals in Australia as a moisturiser cream for dry and damaged skin. It easily soaks in with skin repair ingredients and is non-greasy. It helps to keep skin looking supple which is a huge win, especially when exhaustion can leave our skin feeling dry.


Moogoo’s leave in conditioner is made from natural ingredients and includes coconut oil, jojoba oil and olive oil - all of which will keep your hair feeling smooth and supple. Our favourite part about this awesome leave in conditioner? It can be used on dry hair (as well as damp) - so even in the postpartum days where you may not have a lot of time between baby feedings etc. you will still have time to gently nourish your hair.